Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bee Ohh Ohh Tee Ass !

This is

like the sexiest ,

kinky granny boots ..


All About Shaiya

Somehow , my boyfriend is addicted to this game .. Oh my , after playing CS and DOTA .. And now this ? I think guys would just be guys ..
Atleast he doesn't go to CCs tht often now , that's good news to me :)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Two thousand nine

Its almost 2 months and im startled by the events happening around me . Everything happens so fast though .

Since im going to start my studying in Cyber starting March 2nd .. Wow , being in a University sure will be challenging with different types of people and cultures around .. The dean said 65% of the students are from abroad and 35% are local . Thinking of it brings butterflies in my tummy since im not use to this kind of environment YET . Uh ohh , I hope it goes well *praying* .

The other thing im scared about is my relationship with my other half . Oh mannn , he's already thinking about the negatives . I want him to trust me on this since i trust he won't do anything bad behind my back . I really want it to work between us . He's the only person that make's me laugh when im down , always were or will (in the future) be there when i need someone . Well , the easiest explaination to this is he has everything i wanted a man to be .. Eventho we have fights all the time and i mean all the time , but deep inside that is how we show our love for one another . Maybe people can say 'you guys are jst having one of those puppy love' , well i don't think so .. Only we know how it feels like , and we don't give a damn what people might say about us .. In a relationship trust , patience , tolerance and communication must be present to have a great bonding between couples .. Okay , im like giving a speech about love here . Haha .

Moving on ..

My god , when i was looking through the 'STUFF' mag , i found one of those 'touch screen plus sidekick like phones' which is the NOKIA N97 . Fucking shitttt man .. I just gotta have one of those ..

Let me give you the extra details :

1. A large 3.5" touch display

2. A QWERTY keyboard (QWERTY is a modern keyboard layout)

3. GPS sensors and an electronic compass

4. 16:9 widescreen display can be fully personalized with frequently updated widgets of favorite web services and social networking sites

5. 48 GB of storage

6. 5-Megapixel camera with high-quality Carl Zeiss optics

7. OVI services

Radddd right ? Well , i just gotta have it lahh . They're selling it just for EUR550 now , that is RM 2538.89 . Not bad ay ? But i bet its more expensive when they ship it here .

Me and Nana plan to get phones by this Aug . She wants the SE Xperia X1 .. Damn , jst hoping ;D

Last night was hanging otp with her , so 'berangan' with the two phones and our VW Golf Gti's .. Well , i think we would be so 'poyo' thenn ..

That's all im crapping for now .. Write another soon

LOVES , xx